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KIIA’s King of the Night Featured in Press

KIIA Releases ‘KING OF THE NIGHT’ Tomorrow, April 15 2021

“KIIA is fresh off his well-received last single “Around the Globe” sponsored by Toronto Raptors’ Player Norman Powell and his videos have garnered over 2 million hits worldwide. “King of The Night” is a reminder to KIIA fans of the heart & passion the artist brings to his craft.”

Recording Artist KIIA releases  “King of the Night”, April 15 2021

“I believe music has the power to change lives. I hope this song will give some peace to those affected by gun violence.”

KIIA pays tribute to late friend with ‘King of the Night’ single, April 15 2021

“Many fans and listeners will find it poignant, compelling, and relatable.”

Recording Artist KIIA Releases “KING OF THE NIGHT”, April 15 2021

“There is no doubt, when venues open and tours resume KIIA will return to the stage. He will again bring the passion and high energy to his fans, but this time he will bring something else… a heavy heart.”

A heartfelt release “KING OF THE NIGHT”, April 23 2021

“A multi- talented artist, KIIA is a sought-after songwriter and performer, with performances in venues from Toronto’s iconic Dundas Square to the Los Angeles Convention Center.”

New Music Monday: Singer & Songwriter KIIA Discusses Latest Single “King of the Night,” and Upcoming EP “Love in Every Language,”

“I’m working on my second EP at the moment, and a few single songs that will be released before and after Love in Every Language… so you can expect to hear a lot of new music from me in 2021!”